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1. UCLA School Mental Health Project

2. New Jersey Librarians “Ask a Question”

3. NJ State Department of Education

4. National Parent Information Network website is no longer operating. Some of their information is located at the University of Illinois’ Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative

5. Center for Disease Control (info on ADHD)

6. ADHD National Organization

7. Health Information Library

8. Rethinking Public Schools

9. Child Trends and Adolescent Behavior

10. Children’s Defense Fund (Black Community Crusade for Children

11. Casey Family Foundation

12. America’s Promise (Colin Powell Leadership Program)

13. University of Florida Conflict Resolution Project

14. You Can Handle Them All- Classroom Discipline

15. Classroom Discipline Techniques – “Discipline by Design”

16. The Guidance Channel

17. National Center for Education Statistics

18. International Journal of Social Work Education

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