Registration 8:15 AM. Workshop runs from 9:15-3:15 PM;

Cold buffet lunch included;

5 Clinical C.E.U.’s / 5 Professional Development Credits

Behavior Interventions in the Classroom

Damian Petino Psy D.

The Presentation will begin with a brief introduction reviewing the fundamental ABA concepts of ABC assessment and differential reinforcement as well as using the four factor model in the classroom environment. The primary focus of the workshop will be to discuss several examples of classroom behavior interventions and the process by which one may select which intervention to use with particular students and classes.

Suicide Risk Assessments in School

Stella Sicilliano, MSW., LCSW

This presentation will address a need for understanding how to assess, send out and re-enter students who present with at risk behaviors. It will prepare school employees with a tool kit for the following: What to do when a student mention’s wanting to die or kill themselves. Self-harm vs suicide and how to treat each as its own crisis situation. How to work with teachers/ parents/ administration when this situation occurs. How to work with students of different ages when they make suicidal statements. I will provide sample assessment paperwork that can be tailored for participants schools. We will use case examples, role plays and each- others experiences to work through all the above. The goal is for participants to feel more confident in their assessment procedure and their decisions regarding mental health send outs.

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