Dear Fellow Social Worker,

We want to share in  celebrating  the Role of School Social Workers during the month of March!

School Social Workers provide unique services to students and their families by helping students attain maximum benefits from their educational programs. The School Social Workers’ knowledge of social, emotional, cultural, and economic differences among children and families enable School Social Workers to be the link between home, school, and community.

School Social Workers serve various roles in both the public and private school sectors, and all School

Social Workers benefit from the support of our association. Some School Social Workers work with other members of the Child Study Team to ensure delivery of special education services to eligible children and encourage parents to be involved in IEP Team decisions. Others provide interventions for general education students, while others work as interventionists, counselors, or transition specialists. 

Yet, we share the commonality of serving students and their families through the school setting. As members of the educational teams, School Social Workers promote and support students’ academic and social/emotional well-being. New Jersey’s School Social Workers have been effective change agents for educational improvement since 1926 and the New Jersey Association of School Social Workers continues to be dedicated to serving the student, family, and school community.

Our Association serves as a liaison and resource  to the state legislature and other organizations  when needed, provides workshops to keep School Social Workers in the forefront of educational, legal, ethical, and clinical developments and offers Professional Development Hours as well as CEUs toward state licensure. 

Your  membership in NJASSW is crucial to help insure the continuation of School Social Workers as a force in the educational system of New Jersey. It is imperative that current active School Social  Workers join with retirees to sustain our profession and our professional organization.

Become a member today!

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